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ToXic Gaming Community News
Donate to keep Clan Alive

Comments 128 By UK ZLATAN in NEW MEMBERS on Tuesday 16 September @ 19:19

TG General News


In this month, we're need donation than ever to maintain our server in

complete running state, thus I ask. Please donate to help keep this clan alive



Comments 0 By Belgium -ToXic-HaXx in NEW SERVER! on Sunday 07 September @ 18:12

TG Clan News

Omg guys... Its finally here, our Call of Duty 4 servers are RELEASED! We currently have some issues whit vps, it has some bugs, it will be fixed.
Here is the IP of our new server:
Gametype: SnD | map: Killhouse | IP:
More servers coming soon!
Guys... since our vps has some bugs, we need to fix those, but for that, we need some money (11.25 euro=14.58 dollar). Whit those 11.25 euro, we will be able to fix all bugs, and have more servers! If you feel godly,please donate some money (via Paypal) to
PS: This server will be up tomorrow, have a nice day, have fun, and good bye!

New member!

Comments 395 By Belgium -ToXic-HaXx in NEW MEMBERS on Thursday 04 September @ 17:23

TG Clan News

Hey dudes, ToXic Gaming members, site users, all o' that good stuff, and welcome back, to
This time, I would like you guys to welcome our newest member of our clan,
Welcome, Lui$ to ToXic Gaming!

New members

Comments 1 By Belgium -ToXic-HaXx in NEW MEMBERS on Wednesday 03 September @ 18:42

TG Clan News

Hey guys, we all think its time for a new member update, so here it is!
Our newcomers are skilled and funny, perfect for ToXic Gaming!
All please welcome our newest members: LeadeR and Razer!

Good luck in ToXic Gaming, and of course, have fun! Laughing


Comments 2 By UK ZLATAN in NEW MEMBERS on Friday 29 August @ 15:13

TG General News

hey guys

our teamspeak ONLINE

ip :